A downloadable Iron Fall

Iron Fall : God and Land

Currently in the alpha phase, Iron Fall : god and land is a medieval with fantasy action 2.5D RPG game in development by me Nick Lauzon.

I will be making improvements along the way until completing the game.


EDIT: Controls has now changed from with mouse movements, is no longer used, Iron Fall v0.6a includes the use of keyboard :Movement controls W = up , S = down , A = left , D = right ; ESC = pause , J = Attack , K = Roll/Dodge


*character creation offers 4 character classes namely Warrior, Knight, Priest and Wizard.

*character class Priest has a bug at the moment where he doesn't have weapons or magic,skip from selecting him.

*after killing the boss you may proceed at the end of the level where the game will fade out and loads the Camp.


- i will not post description about the game changes during the update I will make as it will ruin any surprises i have made.

-and it still doesnt have an audio feedback as of now since its hard to choose which sfx, ambient and bgm to use. Rest assured it will have soon.

- feel free to suggest ideas in the comments, i will read it and evaluate the idea if your mechanic/idea is included in the game, your name will appear in the credits so don't you worry.

-PLEASE LEAVE A FEEDBACK AND COMMENTS it helps shape the final outcome of the game.

-Thank you in advance see on the next update -Nick.

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